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These are crucial times for financial institutions. A volatile economic environment, disruptive innovations, new entrants to the marketplace and a changing regulatory landscape are all transforming traditional business models and creating a new playing field in the industry.

Chaired by path breaking CEOs, disruptive founders and senior journalists, Fintech Storm Summits were conceptualised to connect the brightest minds across frontiers, enabling unique conversations that quench intellectual curiosity, stir debate, inspire and transform.

Over 500 Indian industry leaders, policy makers, regulators, disruptors and experts are gathering in Mumbai at the Fintech Storm Summit 2016 to learn how banks and other traditional players should navigate this transformed landscape.



I attended the Europe India Conclave 2015 with the aim of gaining an insight into Fintech and networking. Needless to say, I was impressed by Conference Chair Arifa’s domain expertise & rich experience as well as her plethora of network both within the Fintech space as well as the broader startup community in India and the UK.I am hence motivated to participate in the upcoming Mumbai Fintech Storm Summit 2016, which from the list of speakers, it seems, will eclipse the Europe India Conclave.What I appreciate the most about Fintech Storm is their ability to offer a holistic offering in the Fintech space for entrepreneurs & investors alike.

Quote by Ashutosh Jatia, Director, CJI Group & Entrepreneur
Attendee, Europe-India Conclave Dec 2015 in New Delhi India


Enjoy the glimpses from our spectacular Europe-India Conclave hosted by Fintech Storm Dec 2015 New Delhi!


Fintech Storm, the spectacular success story from London in building the fintech & payments ecosystem is coming to Mumbai this summer. In a pioneering initiative to bring together the CEOs of banks, payments & fintech companies, RBI, and policy making bodies for ideas and networking, we are hosting the first of Fintech Storm India Summit in Mumbai on 12-13 th May 2016 9:00am to 6:00pm at Hotel St Regis Mumbai.

Digital platforms are going to revolutionise the way we spend, consume, and live in the sharing economy of today. The leaders we have got together on 12-13 May are harbingers of the first wave of fintech disruption in India – who are challenging traditional banks. These CEOs are reimagining finance and redefining banking of the future, and in the process threatening to eat the lunch of big banks – in the words of the CEO of the biggest bank J.P.Morgan. Come meet the daring visionaries for whom the word impossible means nothing!

India Financial Forum on 12th May 2016 will bring together the most innovative and disruptive forces under a roof and try to direct that energy into inspiring you. We will be launching a Global Blockchain Think Tank and hosting a Blockchain symposium to explore how India can leverage the distributed technology to solve our problems such as financial inclusion, micro payments , asset monitoring, subsidy distributions, license renewals, toll collections, friction- less asset transfers and smart contracts.

India Financial Forum – 12 May

Listen to 30+ preeminent speakers including Cabinet Ministers, CEOs of Banks, CEOs of Payment Banks, thought leaders from across the globe. Mingle with them over supper and persuade them on what your technology or product has to offer India’s pulsating Financial Services ecosystem.

India Funding Conclave on 13th May 2016 will host a Startup Swayamvar where selected startups will pitch for investment to hordes of investors and funding sources: from VC firms, Angel investors, PE firms to crowdfunding platforms, banks, online lending platforms and NBFCs. SMEs looking for growth finance are welcome to join. You don’t have to be a scalable startup with multi-billion valuation potential to pitch here. It’s a one stop funding shop where any company looking to raise finance can evaluate their funding options. Is it the first time anyone in India has tried to create a one stop funding shop? Welcome to entrepreneurship!

India Funding Conclave – 13 May

Join us for the first ever gathering of SMEs and startups looking for funds and investors and lenders, banks, NBFCs, and online lending platforms.

Entrepreneurs will present pre-screened investment opportunities to angel investors, VCs and angel investors in an exclusive setting. These young start-ups will be seeking to raise capital to the tune of 1- 5 crores (100K to 500 K GBP). If you are looking to meet the best early and growth stage entrepreneurs in India, and to familiarise yourself with the investing environment in India, this is the perfect platform for you to directly interact face to face with creme-de-la-creme entrepreneurs and other investors!

Some of the investors who have confirmed their attendance at the event include Vishal Mehta, Lok Capital; Sahil Kini, Aspada Investments; Rajat Agrawal, Matrix Partners; Arun Diaz, Aavishkaar; Kavi Arora Religare Finvest; Saurabh Srivastava, Indian Angel Network.


Blockchain Workshop – 13 May

This is a special 3 hour Blockchain workshop hosted by Prof Marc Pilkington, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Burgundy, France and Arifa Khan, Blockchain Researcher & Founder of Fintech Storm.

Fintech Storm making the impossible possible – because, this is the era of democratisation of knowledge, talent and ability to create wealth!

Come join the fintech revolution!

Come enjoy this electrifying meet!


Message from the Conference Chair

We are witnessing myriad structural changes in the banking and financial services industry that are sweeping across the world. Starting from the 2008 bank freeze and collapse of gigantic institutions triggered by credit and liquidity crisis leading to the current Greece crisis still reeling under the cascading effects, near zero interest rates in the US and Europe, the rise of disruptive online peer-to-peer platforms  to uproot the established order, and the Fintech revolution in London – the changes compel us to view the financial services industry afresh and take stock of the future. Banking oligopolies are reinvesting profits into new technologies to respond to the provocations of the Fintech Storm.

Since times immemorial, India has been a rich cauldron of knowledge and resources – to give the world rich inventions such as mathematics, and put satellites on Mars. India is a crucible of diversity that grooms its leaders through exposure to challenges of meeting the hopes and aspirations of pluralistic millions with different cultures, incomes, languages and talents. India’s excellence in the pharma, IT and healthcare industries have put it on the global map. It’s transportation, energy and food challenges are driving innovations such as lithium ion batteries, bio diesel, organically derived fertilisers. Indian leaders go on to head Fortune 100 companies, global MNCs, banks and most innovative tech companies such as Google – thanks to the world class education, and the exceptional management training provided by the IITs, IIMs, institutes of higher learning and the industry.

India is not only the fastest growing economy of the world and a huge market for goods, services and bold ideas , but also a sophisticated repertoire of talent, intellectual property, soft resources and research. India has emerged as the economy that ticks a rare and unique combination of features that will catapult it to super power status by 2050.

  • Mega markets
  • Cost efficiency platforms
  • Innovation platforms
  • Launch pads for new global competitors
  • Demographic Dividend
  • Ambitious adventurers or “young entrepreneurs”

She has it all! Any company that has global ambitions will ignore her at its own peril.

This is India’s moment under the sun to shine for all her unique strengths. The spirit of entrepreneurship; the optimism creed; innovation necessitated by varied needs of a  heterogenous demographic; avante grade research led by its world class scholars, combined with the brilliance of its people – largely youth. India is a torchbearer along with China in the race of emerging economies to dominate global economic landscape.

By 2050 China, India, USA and EU will be the four economic blocks sharing global GDP.

It is our destiny to be the super power!

Startup India hosted by Department of Indian Policy & Promotion on 16th Jan 2016  in Delhi left an indelible impact on our young entrepreneurs, in whose capable hands lies the remote to India’s inevitable ascent to a Global Tiger.

Make in India launched by the PM recently in Mumbai garnered investment pledges of $222 billion, with Oracle announcing $400mn for setting up of 9 business incubation centres in India.

The well developed banking and financial services ecosystem and the mature consumer profile in India has spawned innovators in payments, peer to peer funding, microfinance – albeit many of them still in nascent stages. India is now busy creating the broadband infrastructure to reach the remotest citizen. We have proactively solved even the Digital Identity problem with Aadhar & UID projects and are ready to welcome offshore innovation. The potential market is significant and may out-shadow many well developed western countries and warrants the attention of global new age Digital Banking & Payments, Financial technology firms.

India’s social entrepreneurs are leading the way in leveraging business solutions to solve world’s problems. Even the giant philanthropists cannot effect an impact of magnitude they prefer, unless they make India their base. Understandably, aspirant Zuckerberg was visibly peeved when India spurned it’s free basics in the gift wrapping of access of Internet to the poor masses. No thank you Mark! We will not accept a hand out that will reign in our aggressive streak to compete and win in the global race. We would prefer the slow and steady rise to our competitive best. We want our youth to feel the confidence to aim for the stars. Not the stifling patronisation. Our inspired youth will help us outpace China’s 12 year lead in economic reforms with our unassailable lead in youthful energy. Thank you procreators! Today India’s average age is 24 vs China’s 33. Our demographic dividend will multiply without needing any help of aphrodisiacs!

Whilst India is adaptive and able to apply offshore technology to its unique problems and new uses, many financial sector inventions such as the Blockchain still beg to be adopted by Indian banks and entrepreneurs – to unleash the technology’s disruptive potential and its true magnitude of impact.

We need a quantum leap! Fintech Storm is chipping in to aid the flight!

London has established itself as the Global Fintech Capital with the most active investors, accelerators, innovation labs, incubators and a record number of disruptive startups based in London. Fintech Storm Series is one of the key eco system builders in UK, having evangelised Fintech and its every vertical over the past year by featuring the hottest startups every month.

We at Fintech Storm have embarked on this ambitious mission of catalysing innovation in sectors such as Banking, Payments and financial services in India – but every epic journey has to start with one small step! We took that step last December in Delhi with the gracious support of Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji, the star performer of our Government who addressed our inaugural Europe-India Conclave. Gadkari Ji is a rare example of a mass leader who is also a beacon of socio-economic reform. He has shown us the way with his dynamism, his indefatigable energy, his political will to effect bold policy changes, his keen adventurer spirit to delve into India’s problems and his resourcefulness to invent out-of-the box solutions.

India is open to business and keen to meet the best and brightest. Steve Jobs, the messiah of technology, attributed his success to serendipitous meetings at the unexpected fringes of our traditional  networks. So we are bringing together some of the brightest minds in the hope of setting off some sparks! We will make sure there are serendipitous meetings that will put many on the slope perhaps to their inflection points. At Startup Swayamvar, some will discover hidden gems of startups. Some will meet those with the purses to catapult them to success. Some will simply take that leap of faith into the deep seas of adventurism. Like when Kunal Bahl met Ratan Tata! Some will be inspired by technologists while some will simply relish a feast for the mind and senses in exquisite company!  

We invite you to Indian hospitality this winter in Mumbai. The dream capital for millions of Indians, and perhaps foreigners in the years to come. Welcome to Mumbai – the superstar factory! You don’t visit Mumbai and leave as the same person. Mumbai brings out the superstar in you!

So superstars, come enjoy this electrifying meet and a sumptuous Dinner Gala!

———————————————-Message from the Conference Chair———————————————


Fintech Storm India Summit 12-13 May 2016

India Financial Forum – Innovation & Disruption in the Banking & Financial Services Sector

12 May 2016, 9am to 6pm
Gala Dinner : 7:00pm to 11:30pm

India Funding Conclave – Startups & SMEs meet Investors , VC firms, Banks & Online financing marketplaces

13 May 2016, 9am to 6pm

Hotel St Regis, Mumbai, India

Come join the Fintech revolution!


Arifa Khan

Conference Chair


Another spectacle awaits you in Mumbai this summer by the cool shores of Arabian Sea!

Come to India Summit.

Come Join the Fintech Revolution!