Genius Incubator Announces Fintech Storm India Summit 12-13 May 2016

Unseasonal Storm Hits Mumbai Financial Services Industry This Summer!
Fintech Storm Comes to Mumbai this May

“A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance” – India’s First Prime Minister Jawahar Lal

This is the startup era for India! After decades of metamorphosis post-independence, India is now looking to its startups and young founders with a million hopes, much as the labour class looks poignantly upon their inspired progeny to release them from their lives of limitation to their glorious destiny.

Fintech Storm Series is one of the key eco-system builders in UK, having evangelised Fintech and its every vertical in London over the past two years by featuring the hottest startups every month and covering over 100 CEOs. We bring best-in-class practices from London, the Global Financial and the Fintech Capital with the most active investors, accelerators, innovation labs, incubators and a record number of disruptive startups, to Mumbai the to-be global hub of ideas, capital and wealth creation. We want to gamble on Mumbai’s emerging role in the reordering of global economic stakes, and India’s inevitable position at the epicentre of the new geo power map.


While India’s robust and well-developed banking and financial services ecosystem has well withstood many a global shock, our innovative startup breed has discovered new frontiers in banking, payments, peer to peer funding, microfinance – spurred by huge pent-up demand and eager adopting masses. India is now busy creating the broadband infrastructure to reach the remotest citizen, after spurning Mark Zuckerberg’s “Free Basics”. To underscore the point, Andhra Chief Minister Naidu on his recent visit to London harped on the last mile connectivity to rural towns in his vision roadmap. India has proactively solved even the Digital Identity problem with Aadhar / UID projects, ahead of many developing nations, and is ready to welcome offshore innovation. All these signs point to India being on the verge of occupying a dominant place in world history, and regaining its lost aura as a glorious civilisation. The potential market yet to be tapped by new age finance is significant and may out-shadow many well developed western countries, and rightly warrants the attention of global Digital Banking & Payments, Financial technology firms.

Whilst India is adaptive and able to apply offshore technology to its unique problems and new uses, many financial sector inventions such as the Blockchain still beg to be adopted by Indian banks and entrepreneurs – to unleash the technology’s disruptive potential and its true magnitude of impact. Blockchain is being touted by futurists as the second most revolutionary disruption we can witness after the internet, and close to a billion dollars has already been invested in nascent applications. Wall street titans to mighty intellectual forces are taking keen interest! We are brining global Blockchain know-how to India for the first time at Fintech Storm India summit.

The wind is gathering. Take off is imminent. Startup engines are revving. Fintech Storm is onboard the flight of sunbirds! Our collective ride to the unknown horizons..

Fintech Storm, the spectacular success story from London in building the fintech & payments ecosystem is coming to Mumbai this summer. In a pioneering initiative to bring together the CEOs of banks, payments & fintech companies, RBI, and policy making bodies for ideas and networking, we are hosting the first of Fintech Storm India Summit Series in Mumbai on 12-13 th May 2016 9:00am to 6:00pm at St Regis Mumbai.

We at Fintech Storm have embarked on this ambitious mission of catalysing innovation in sectors such as Banking, Payments and financial services in India – but every epic journey starts with one small step! We took that step last December in Delhi with the gracious support of Shri Nitin Gadkari Ji, the inspired star performer of our Government who addressed Fintech Storm’s inaugural Europe-India Conclave. See video from Delhi Dec 2015 here.



India is open to business and keen to meet the best and brightest. Steve Jobs, the messiah of the modern generation, attributed his success to a humble phenomenon – serendipitous meetings at the unexpected fringes of our traditional networks. So we are bringing together some of the brightest minds to Fintech Storm “India Summit “in the hope of setting off some sparks! At India Financial Forum on 12th May, we will make sure there are inspiring stories to be heard, thought-provoking meetings that will put many on the slope perhaps to their inflection points.

Ideate, Emulate, Debate

Chaired by path breaking CEOs, disruptive founders and senior journalists from media houses such as Hindustan Times, Mint, Business Today who have chronicled leaders disrupting status-quo in Indian banking, Fintech Storm India Summit is conceptualised to connect incisive minds across frontiers, enabling unique conversations amongst unlikely allies. The multi-layered tracks will weave threads through disparate ideas from varied fields, to pause your thinking rhythm from daily clockwork and to set you free on a kaleidoscopic ride, much like the amphibian ride Nitin Gadkari ji promises on our rivers soon; to sate your curiosity, to fuel your ambition, to unleash the yearning genius in you; to stir debate, to inspire and to transform. Over 500 Indian industry leaders, policy makers, regulators and experts are gathering in Mumbai over 2 days at the Fintech Storm Summit 2016 to learn how banks and other traditional players can better navigate this transformed landscape. Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P.Morgan raised an alarm to his fellow wall street coterie that Silicon Valley is coming to eat their lunch. CEOs – come out of your cabins. Mumbai’s banking coastline is giving a siren call!

Then on Friday 13 May , a chance to discover a wide array of investing opportunities (not just limited to Fintech but a range of hot sectors like edu-tech, ecommerce, health-tech, retail, cyber security, banking analytics etc) and the entire range of funding options available to companies of all scale and stage – at the first of its kind ” India Funding Conclave“. In attendance will be investment royalty from VCs to PEs, and Angel investors and VCs : Vishal Mehta, Lok Capital, Sahil Kini, Aspada Investments, Rajat Agrawal, Matrix Partners and Indian Angel Network to name a few. On the debt side: Commercial Banks, Lenders, NBFCs, SME Finance entities and online lending and crowdfunding platforms. Selected start-ups with great prospects will be pitching to our jury, but there will also be the opportunity for budding founders to mingle with all types of investors to warm up to the idea of “Capital Flight” that awaits your startup. Snapdeals, Flipkarts, Ubers have all been in your shoes! If you have a startup idea and don’t know where to start, this is an easy place to soothe your frazzled nerves about that all-unnerving task of fundraising, while bonding with founder brethren.

We don’t believe funding should be like a beauty pageant where only beauties parade for onlookers to vote. Fashion, the movie, was regressive! In these days of enlightened courtship, we believe in empowered beauties (startups) who can select their own “Var” or investors.

At “Startup Swayamvar” , SMEs and startups tempt their fate. Some investor royalty will discover hidden gems of startups, albeit not before they put their board warrior skills on display by way of workshops. Some deserving founders will meet those with the purses to catapult them to success. Like when Kunal Bahl met Ratan Tata! Some will find their ideal co-working space like Innov8 or Rise, the newcomer to Mumbai! Some enterprising bystanders will simply take that leap of faith into the deep seas of adventurism. Some will be inspired by technology, some by oratory, and some by vision in splendid display; Some will simply take a break from their monotonous jobs and step on to the paved paths to glory, or gaze at views of the tantalising horizon afforded by the grand St Regis terrace. And not to disappoint the sensuous amongst us, we will keep a keen eye on the menu, both gastronomic and cerebral, for the gourmets to relish a feast for the mind and a bouquet for the senses in exquisite company!

FinTech Storm will provide structured activities to help entrepreneurs generate ideas, investors invest and start-ups find the right type of funding. Fundamental shifts in mind-set will occur as thought leaders guide traditional institutions to change their methods of tackling problems and governments to conceptualise futuristic institutions and create social infrastructure for the new digital world to flourish.


Blockchain Symposium
An international academician Prof Marc Pilkington from France will chair the Blockchain symposium along with Arifa Khan, an avid Blockchain researcher, to explore how India can leverage the distributed ledger technology to solve problems such as financial inclusion, micro payments , asset monitoring, subsidy distributions, license renewals, voting, toll collections, friction less asset transfers and smart contracts. This will be a seminal work yet under-explored in India. Blockchain adoption in India will change the scope of disruption once again, just as penetration of mobile telephony, smartphones, Facebook in India proved to be tipping points for those inventions.

USAID will elaborate on progress on financial inclusion and mobile payment adoption. CRISIL will share their research on BFSI and Fintech. A veritable springboard for ideation. There will also be debate by the regulator RBI on the risk of fast growing segments such as online lending and we hope, their take on untested Fintech like virtual currencies and the theoretical constructs behind them.

So enough for your taste buds, enough for your curious minds, and delicate feathery ideas gathered from the unknown land to tickle your imagination.

As India prepares for the rush of opportunity-seeking capitalists and skilled-workforce in next few decades, we invite you to Indian hospitality this summer in Mumbai. The dream capital for millions of Indians, and in years to come – for hopeful foreigners chasing the Gold Rush. Welcome to Mumbai – the superstar factory!

Fintech Storm India Summit 12-13 May 2016


Hotel St Regis, 462 Senapati Bapat Marg,

Lower Parel, Mumbai 400013

St Regis Hotel Photos


India Financial Forum – 12 May 2016 – 9:00am to 6:00 pm

Networking Dinner – 12 May 2016 7:00pm – 11:30pm

India Funding Conclave – 13 May 2016 – 9:00am to 6:00pm

500 delegates

50+ speakers

10+ VC firms

5 Banks

50+ investors

100+ SMEs and Startups seeking funding


Day 1: 12 May 2016
-The Evolving Payments Landscape
-Online Lending, Alternative Finance, Peer to Peer Funding Marketplaces
-Financial Inclusion, Microfinance, Offering Services to Rural India
-The Regulatory Landscape – What Lies Ahead
-Vision 2025 for Financial Services
-Futuristic Banking – Robotic Advisors, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Applied to Financial Services
-Marketplaces and 2 Sides Platforms and How they Succeed
-Open Bank APIs – The Divide Between Indian Banks & the Digital Bank for the Millennial and How to Bridge the Gap
-Uberisation of Banking/Banking as a Platform
-Shared Economy- Digital Ecosystems

Day 2: 13 May 2016

Blockchain Symposium
-Blockchain for emerging economies
-Workshop on Smart Contracts – Distributed Ledgers

See “besotted by blockchain…” articles by the Workshop Host

Part I

Part II


India Funding Conclave 13 May

-Investor Workshops with 8 Investing Firms – What Every Start Up Must Know About Fundraising at Every Stage – From Seed to IPO
-Start Up Pitches – One Stop Shop Funding
-Learning from Global Success Stories
-Innovators and Disruptors

-Corporate Finance for SMEs

Who will participate in the 2-day summit?

Technology companies which provide solutions to banking sector
Banking, Payments & Fintech sector firms: IDFC Bank, HDFC Bank, Yes Bank, PayTM, FINO, Bandana Bank etc
Investors: VC firms, Angel networks, Private equity firms
Lenders: Banks, NBFCs, Online lending platforms
Startups and SMEs looking for debt and equity funding
Innovators, Disrupters and technology enthusiasts
Foreign firms looking to launch or expand in India, firms looking for partnerships
Regulatory and Policy making bodies, Advisors to Government of India (RBI, Dept of Industrial Policy & Promotion)
Bureaucrats & rule makers in Government of India Ministries
Strategy Advisory & Consulting firms, Professionals in Banking & Financial services

Accelerators & Incubators

Entrepreneurs & Aspirants

This summer, come be swept away by an unseasonal storm!

Fintech Storm
Come join the Fintech revolution!


Website for India Summit May 2016

Past event site for Europe India Conclave Dec 2015

Media Contact :

Arifa Khan
Founder Fintech Storm Series
Managing Director
Genius Incubator Ltd.
340 The Highway
London E1W3ES

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