Agenda – At a Glance

Agenda – At a Glance

Who will participate in the 2-day summit?

  1. Technology companies which provide solutions to banking sector
  2. Banking, Payments & Fintech sector firms: IDFC Bank, HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, Yes Bank, PayTM, Fino..
  3. Investors: VC firms, Angel networks, Private equity firms
  4. Lenders: Banks, NBFCs, Online lenders
  5. Startups and SMEs looking for debt and equity funding
  6. Innovators, Disrupters and technology enthusiasts
  7. Foreign firms looking to launch or expand in India, firms looking for partnerships
  8. Regulatory and Policy making bodies, Advisors to Government of India (RBI, Dept of Industrial Policy & Promotion)
  9. Bureaucrats & rule makers in Government of India Ministries
  10. Strategy Advisory & Consulting firms, Professionals in Banking & Financial services
  11. Accelerators & Incubators
  12. Entrepreneurs & Aspirants

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Agenda – At a Glance

12 May 2016 Agenda (TBC)



13 May 2016 Agenda (TBC)


Blockchain Workshop

Agenda – At a Glance

(Tickets have to be purchased for Blockchain workshop separately,

in addition to tickets for the conference)

13 May 9:00am to 1:00pm

Hosts: Arifa Khan & Prof Marc Pilkington


Part I General Presentation (45 mn)

I) Overview of Blockchain technology (15 mn)
A) Private, public, hybrid, consortium blockchains
What are the different categories of blockchains?

B) Conceptual vs technological approaches:
Should we focus on a core definition or a bottom-up approach (crypto 2.0 use cases)?

II) The Blockchain in global banking and finance (30 mn)

What the Blockchain changes in practice (Goldman Sachs)?

Disintermediation’s cost-saving potential (middlemen in banking/finance), new banking infrastructures
Creation of new digital assets

Brains are slowly moving to Fintech

With 20 years of experience in the financial services industry,

Bret Allenbach will be joining the distributed ledger startup Ripple Labs

with knowledge and skills from his time as executive of finance at Visa and CFO of Paypal.

R3 CEV: Resistance of global banks

Forty two of the world’s largest banks have experimented with five blockchain pilots;

Pilots tested smart contracts and arbitrary business commands.

Technology groups from legacy banks considered these distributed ledgers,

after viewing a previous test with the Ethereum blockchain,

connecting 11 lenders on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Part II Blockchain applications (1 hour)

III) Blockchain and the e-government (the example of Moldova) 30mn

IV) Blockchain and tourism (the example of Moldova Tours 2.0) 30 mn

Crypto 2.0 applications for tourism in Moldova

· Asset Exchange.
· Monetary System.
· Voting System.
· blockchain-based loyalty programs based on cryptographic tokens (Mdcoins)
· zero % fee booking systems

Questions and answers (15 mn)


I came across the Bitcoin innovation as a young researcher in early 2013, but having written years earlier a PhD on monetary matters with an emphasis on heterodox perspectives, I felt at the time that cryptocurrencies were getting too little attention from the economics profession. So I immediately decided to devoted my time and efforts, in order to improve my understanding of the nature of this technological breakthrough in the History of mankind. My research soon led me to the conclusion that although, extraordinary in and by itself, Bitcoin was not the end of the unfolding story, the real innovation being the technology underpinning Bitcoin, namely the blockchain.

Three years later, the latter is taking the world by storm with the emergence of a new paradigm in banking and finance, and even in the way economic agents will interact in the future by designing new structures, new architectures and new protocols for conducting a wide range of human activities. I am thankful for Arifa’s invitation to co-chair the Blockchain symposium, and help launch the Global Blockchain Think Tank on the occasion of the  Fintech Storm India Summit in Mumbai on 12-13 th May 2016 in Mumbai. I am full of praise for her tremendous organisation skills, powerful networking potential both in India and the UK and, above all, her invaluable human touch, bringing together regulators, investors, entrepreneurs and academics under one roof, to find inspiration, and try to direct that energy toward constructive business, financial and societal change.

– Prof Marc Pilkington – Workshop Chair

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